Extraordinary Is Otis & Rosie Go to the Library (2018)

Promotional about the opening of the Otis and Rosie Brown Living Room at the Arlington Public Library

Extraordinary Is Opening (2018)

Gala opening for Extraordinary Is

Women Texas Film Festival (2018)

Trailer for film festival

Asian Film Festival of Dallas (2015-2018)

Promotional trailers and pre-show entertainment reels for festival


Award-winning Independent feature film (Best Feature, Best Screenplay) and film website


We created this website to promote the feature film, CRY.

Extraordinary Is

Organizational (501(c)(3)) website identity and branding videos


We created this presence and branding site for the Extraordinary Is foundation.

Evolve Fit Dallas

Website and content video


We created this primary business site for Evolve Fit Dallas.

The Recording Academy (The Grammys)

Interviews and videos of music celebrities

Texas Wildcatter Exchange

Interviews and videos of celebrities

City of Plano

Short promotional for downtown art project

Craft and Growler

Low-budget commercial

Pizza Lounge

15-second spot

The Orange

Low-budget live-performance music video

Boss Riot

Micro-budget kinetic text music video

Additional Works

We have other works on our Vimeo channel. Here are a few more we've selected.

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