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an apparatus for taking a series of photographs of moving objects

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Kinetigraf is a multi-disciplinary production company capable of delivering integrated digital media solutions to our clients. Kinetigraf combines technical and artistic expertise to craft unique, integrated production solutions. We leverage web design and programming, branding, back-end domain solutions, and video/film writing/production/editing focused on the needs and budgets of small to medium clients.

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Clay and Erin formed Kinetigraf to pursue their shared dream of helping artists to tell stories in digital media.

Clay Luther

Award-winning writer, producer, and director Clay Luther has been making films since he was 10, when he started amusing, or torturing, his friends and schoomates with films he made using his father’s abandoned 8mm camera. Clay has always been active in the arts, not only as a film maker, but as an actor, writer, and erstwhile musician. Clay excels in several technical disciplines besides film, and spent several years successfully following a career in Silicon Valley before returning to his first love, film making, to write and direct the award-winning feature film CRY.

Erin Nicole Parisi

Erin is a talented artist and an unrelenting producer who has a deep love for film making and story-telling. Erin has a deep wellspring of education and ideas to draw upon and she believes in building and strengthening the communities around her: she means it when she says “A rising tide floats all boats.” Erin has produced several award-winning films, including CRY with Clay, and sits on the boards of Woman in Film Dallas and the Asian Film Festival of Dallas.

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Kinetigraf produced the award-winning independent feature film, CRY.

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