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Our Mission

Award-winning Producer/Production Designer Erin Nicole Parisi and award-winning Director/Writer Clay Luther founded Kinetigraf Entertainment LLC in 2014.

Our goal at KE is to create meticulously crafted works of digital media for ourselves and our clients. We work in a variety of mediums, from branding and website design, application programming, commercial video production, and digital feature film production. To each of these arts, we strive to produce the highest quality product with a defined artistic point of view.


The Kinetoscope is an early motion picture exhibition device. The Kinetoscope was designed for films to be viewed by one individual at a time through a peephole viewer window at the top of the device. The Kinetoscope was not a movie projector but introduced the basic approach that would become the standard for all cinematic projection before the advent of video, by creating the illusion of movement by conveying a strip of perforated film bearing sequential images over a light source with a high-speed shutter. First described in conceptual terms by U.S. inventor Thomas Edison in 1888, it was largely developed by his employee William Kennedy Laurie Dickson between 1889 and 1892. Dickson and his team at the Edison lab also devised the Kinetograph, an innovative motion picture camera with rapid intermittent, or stop-and-go, film movement, to photograph movies for in-house experiments and, eventually, commercial Kinetoscope presentations.

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